Thursday, July 5

Pimp my Ride - Hobgoblin Wolf Riders

I'm a little tired of dealing with monstrosities, so here's something small for a change: A bunch of hobgoblin wolf riders.

Being the only fast cavalry, I think these little annoyances have great potential in a Legion of Azgorh list. I can see them being useful at usual redirecting duties, as well as hunting a war machine or two, earning more than their cost in the process. Also, they might prove invaluable as screen units, which will provide screens for my monsters from cannonballs, hopefully...

Of course, there are some cons about them too. The most important thing is the hobgoblin animosity. They tend to fail their animosity rolls at times that you need them most, so they are not exactly a dependable unit. Also, they are not very cheap pointswise. One of the other handicap they have is that they are listed on rare slot. It's quite a problem for them since they share that category with hellcannon and k'daai destroyer. It's the tightest slot for chaos dwarfs and it's sometimes hard to squeeze these buggers in.

The miniatures I used here are from GW's Goblin Wolf Riders box, so nothing fancy here. The lava bases are still there and I am still using the Black Lava of Vallejo. When painting, I tried to make them look as ragged as possible, so I used earthly colors like khaki, leather brown on their cloths as much as possible. As for the metal parts like the helmets and the horn, I applied some flesh wash for a little rusty look. The skin tone recipe is very simple: Paint with knarloc on brown undercoat, wash with Thraka then highlight with Knarloc first, followed with Vallejo's sick green.

With one other test model I have done before, they are now 5 guys and can be fielded in the games I'll play. I think I really need to return to basics and do some more cores, as I am stuck at 3k points now due to the core requirements. Expect some more cores soon, most probably in the form of hobgoblins on foot.



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